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Promo Pens in Australia.

In recent years, Australian businesses have spent over $2 billion on Promotional Products.

Data collected from various sources indicate that approximately 40% of this amount was on Printed Promotional Pens alone.

Printed Pens are the most popular Promotional Product because they are extremely good value for money.

Plastic Promotional Pens enable your promotional advertising budget to be spent in the most effective way.

The low cost of Plastic Promo Pens allow for larger quantities to be ordered, giving your advertising message much better coverage for every dollar you spend.

Our most popular Plastic Printed Pens are:


PPP1 Candy P139 Expo P117 Aviator P48 New York

Metal Promo Pens are very popular for the simple reason that they provide a more upmarket feel than Plastic Promotional Pens, while still being much better value for money than most other Promotional Products.

Our most popular Metal Promotional Pens are: 

P99 Venus P165 Icon            P56 Tri Grip Metal       

New Products

We at Printed Promotional Pens will be constantly updating this website with New Promotional Pens when they become available.

Our new Promotional Pens now available for delivery are:  

P164 Zoom P175 Sports P173 Silver knight P176 Stars

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